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Salesforce Consulting

Strategic guidance to ensure Salesforce works for your organisation

For both new and established Salesforce users alike, our consultants can help you with your Salesforce strategy. By looking at your current processes and identifying what your future operational plans are, we are able to form an approach to align your Salesforce implementation to meet your needs.

Some common pitfalls that we help to address include:

  • Automation: Overuse of automation in Salesforce, which can make your platform sluggish and inefficient.
  • Data modelling: Incorrect use of Salesforce objects, which can increase inefficiencies and may result in inaccurate reporting.
  • Effective housekeeping: Establishing and removing redundant fields, which might seem harmless in some instances, redundant data and fields add to your storage limits and increase the risk of data anomalies.
  • API limits: Exceeding API limits can result in some automation tasks not completing and therefore risking the integrity of your data in Salesforce.

Whilst Salesforce is a powerful tool with an impressive set of features, the software itself knows nothing about your business. Our consultants work with you to understand your goals and objectives and ensure that your Salesforce implementation is correctly configured to support your day-to-day operations.

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Our company ethos is to deliver value to customers by providing an honest, transparent and quality service at all times. We are steered by a strong moral compass to ensure that the people we do business with and the way we conduct business is only ever honorable and ethically sound.

We recognize the great work that many charities and nonprofit groups do around the globe and salute their efforts in helping to better our communities, the environment and society in general. As such, CloudPlease are a committed member of the Pledge 1% Movement and we offer generous discounts on all our products and services to not-for-profit UK based organisations.


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