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Salesforce Administration

Clicks, Not Code

By using the “Clicks, Not Code” approach, we customise Salesforce declaratively so that more functionality is made available to you to support your operational processes.

Where possible, we favour the above approach over custom development as the emphasis is on configuration and using out-of-the-box functionality within Salesforce rather than writing code. The primary reasons for using the “Clicks, Not Code” approach are:

  • Speed and efficiency: Quicker to implement solutions and therefore more cost effective for our customers.
  • Streamlined configuration: Allowing data to be set up in Salesforce in a straightforward way that makes most sense to a customer and their operational processes.
  • Using Salesforce in the way that it was meant to be used: Ensuring that customers are getting the most value out of their Salesforce purchase by utilising the powerful platform features that already exist to their full advantage.

Examples of typical work that would fall into this category are custom field creations, configuration of automations rules and the installation of AppExchange products to extend functionality in Salesforce to support your operational processes.

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Committed to good causes

Our company ethos is to deliver value to customers by providing an honest, transparent and quality service at all times. We are steered by a strong moral compass to ensure that the people we do business with and the way we conduct business is only ever honorable and ethically sound.

We recognize the great work that many charities and nonprofit groups do around the globe and salute their efforts in helping to better our communities, the environment and society in general. As such, CloudPlease are a committed member of the Pledge 1% Movement and we offer generous discounts on all our products and services to not-for-profit UK based organisations.


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